We now have a  new Hino, 6.1 m, 4.0 Ton tilt slide, with a 5 Degree Load angle.

This is the lowest loading tow truck in Bendigo.

 Our BigIsuzu has an 8 Metre tray and wheel lift (Pictured above).

Fully Insured for Private and Commercial Towing Service.

Local Tow, Bendigo Area Starts from $100.00 Inc GST. Mobile EFTPOS.

Equipped to Transport Low Vehicles. (Please advise on booking).   

Business Hours Only. 8.00 Am to 6.00 Pm

  Phone: 0429 843 547

(This Phone is not monitored after hours. If you leave a message be sure your caller ID is ON. We  can  not return calls to private  numbers) 


 **                                          The GT 40 was  Fords answer to the Ferrari. Called to GT 40 Because it stands only 40 inches tall. 

Trade Towing Services Since : 1999.         ABN & GST Registered. Fully Insured.

Williams National Services have been in the Communications and  Security industries. for over 30 years.

Registered Security Advisers &  Security Equipment installers. (Victoria Police) Business # 718-439-90s. 
Broadcast Equipment Services . FM transmitters. Repairs & Maintenance. 

Service of  High powered FM and Digital TV transmitters up to 20 kW. 

Have your UHF/VHF  Two way radio installed properly in your vehicle. we know which antenna to use.  Minor Auto Electrical wiring professionally completed. Installation and supply of  Emergency Lighting Systems such as  Beacons, light bars and wig wag lights and Siren systems. 

RFI  Re seller.      Specialist antenna systems. Approved Mobile Phone re broadcast transmitters.  

Williams National Services.  Security and Communications   0428 843 547    Since 1991. 

"Marvin" the Mutant Dalek was built by Sophie and Peter Williams in 2015. More You Tube Video is in production now. Please enjoy !

Will we survive ?


Williams Towing